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Our company culture

At 02100, you will work with the some of the most talented developers, designers and strategists to shape the future of software engineering and customer experience.

We are an easy-going, passionate and curious tribe of talented people from different cultures and backgrounds who have digital innovation in their DNA and drive each other to new heights every day.

We are looking for open-minded people to join our team in Hamburg, Germany or work autonomously from anywhere. Check out our open positions or drop us a line if you’d like to apply!

Remote first

The choice is yours: Virtually work from anywhere or find a desk at our cool and relaxed Hamburg office.

Agile by default

We believe that results and motivation are best achieved within a self-organised, flexible environment.

Always Learning

None of us has all the answers. We encourage a strong culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

Strong teamwork

We deliver first-class results by sharing individual expert knowledge and evolving as a team.

02100 Digital offices

Learn more about our values

02100 was born from the belief that it is possible to deliver superior digital products for smaller budgets without compromising on customized development and personal relationships.

We aim to become Europe’s leading no-code powerhouse by offering excellent no- and low-code services at scale.


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