We save you hours of work with Make integrations

We not only build experiences, we also make them scalable by helping you to save time and money with smart tool integrations.

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Custom integrations tailored to your business needs

Jobboard integration
Improve your company’s hiring process and easily integrate recruiting platforms like Greenhouse, Smart Recruiter or Kenjo to your website.
Job board integration and automation
CRM integration
Make allows us to connect your preferred CRM tool, such as Hubspot or Pipedrive, to your core platform for seamless collaboration.
CRM integration and automations
Custom API integration
We can make any app work with Make: If you miss an integration, we simply connect your preferred API natively to get you up and running.
API integrations

Why Make is the right choice for you

Project building and prototyping
Due to its low-code interface, we can easily adapt technical changes any time.
Project complexity
Custom API
Custom integrations allow us to connect any API to Make within minutes.
Development speed and scalability
Define when and how often an actived workflow shall run.
Empower seamless collaboration with a dedicated team account.
Import, export, and store data
Data storage
Import stored data from other tasks into a new process at any time.
Data protection
Make offers features that allow you to use their service without leaving track records.

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Why it’s worth hiring experts

Technology expertise

02100 is home to some of the best developers in the business who help you to get the most out of your digital product while saving you time and money with no-code applications.

Customized Experiences

Even no-code environments need adjustments sometimes, which can cost you a lot of nerves. Let us do the work and see how we turn your demands into results.

On-demand support

Our hands-on approach allows us 
to not only provide you with professional expertise but also to ensure support whenever you or team needs it.

Take a look at our latest Make projects

"At 02100 Digital innovation, partnership and sustainability success are capitalized! Friendly and thoughtful team, coupled with high professionalism and a special attention to detail. Highly recommended - the collaboration is fun and the results speak for themselves."

Neil Heiland, Interim Head of Marketing, SYNAOS


We helped a German start-up to increase the efficiency of their marketplace expansion by automating crucial workflows.

How we did it

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I automate with Make?
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You can basically automate almost any workflow with Make, but here are some of the most common use cases:

- Marketing messages that have to be delivered via email or other channels

- Finance reports and invoice processes

- Sales processes, such as lead generation or tracking of transaction details

- Supply chain processes, e. g. by automatically filling out order purchases when the stock gets low

- Frequently repeated tasks, such as sending weekly reminders or emails.

How do you protect my company data when using Make?
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We provide all our services in accordance with the European GDPR regulation, and so does Make, who are based in the EU – this is a great advantage over other tools such as Zapier. When implementing Make as an automation tool to optimize your companies’ workflow we are able to ensure you don’t leave a track record and we can manually delete data records after you’ve run a scenario.

Does Make work with my specific requirements?
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Let’s find out together – we’re happy to hear from you! Get in touch: kontakt@02100.com

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