Gain back time and control of your web projects

We empower enterprises to embrace no-code for launching digital projects of any size in a matter of weeks and give their teams more control.

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We help you transform your development process

Custom Solutions
We use no- and low-code to build custom technology solutions of any size and help enterprises to consolidate multiple sites or tools.
Job board integration and automation
Process Automation
We help you establish efficient and scalable processes that give your teams more flexibility to respond to rapid requirement changes.
Workflow and automation
Onboarding & Support
Our no-code experts educate your team on how to easily work with no-code platforms like Webflow or Bubble and provide support at any stage.

Benefits of no- and low-code for enterprises

Fast prototyping and development
Faster time-to-market

Forget months-long development schedules: With no-code you can release your MVP in just a couple of weeks.


Pivoting is part of the game: Get the flexibility to change your strategy or business model in the initial period.

Fewer resources

Save on development budgets and resources to free your mind and focus on actually building your business.

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Put your project in the hands of trusted experts

Technology expertise
02100 is home to some of the best developers in the business who help you to get the most out of your digital product while saving you time and money with no-code applications.
Customized Experiences
Even no-code environments need adjustments sometimes, which can cost you a lot of nerves. Let us do the work and see how we turn your demands into results.
On-demand support
Our hands-on approach allows us 
to not only provide you with professional expertise but also to ensure support whenever you or team needs it.

Take a look at our latest projects

"We have been working with 02100 from day two and don’t regret a second of our partnership. Our product extensively benefits from their in-depth technological knowledge, and we especially appreciate their spot-on advice on tricky questions.”

Carl Wollenhaupt, Senior Country Manager, CarOnSale

BWF Envirotec

BWF Envirotec has a complex product catalogue, through our cooperation a product configurator for industrial products was developed.

how we did it
BWF Envirotec
BWF Envirotec

As part of their digital transformation process, we helped a global manufacturer to merge and relaunch their multiple websites.

how we did it

We created a custom Webflow rebuild to bring the publishers’ media collaboration to life.

how we did it

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s different about working with a no-code agency vs. 
no-coding in the enterprise sector?
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Even though no-code platforms provide an easy-to-use interface, it takes time and effort to learn how to best use tools like Bubble or Shopify and how to integrate them on enterprise level. Our no-code developers are trained and experienced in the use of no-code platforms, which means we can deliver digital products of any size much faster and help you customize them to fit specific feature or design requirements (which is why coding will never be replaced entirely, we call this low-code development). However, once the website, web application or software product is built, it’s easy for you to maintain than any solution built in code.

Can you handle big software projects with no-code?
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Yes, absolutely. No- and low-code platforms like Webflow, Bubble, Shopify or Make provide a highly scalable and secure hosting infrastructure that allows you to migrate big amounts of content and import your company data to build products of any size.

How do you protect our company data?
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All our services are compliant with the European GDPR regulation. We ensure you don’t leave any track record in any of the no-code tools we are implementing. We also work closely with all tool providers to ensure enterprise-grade security features (such as single sign on, custom SSL certificates, and much more), dedicated hosting and other security measures for our customers.

Do you provide a no-code training for our team?
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Yes, we help you and your team to learn how to use Webflow, Shopify or any other no-code tool that fits your requirements as part of your development project. You can also book one of our no-code masterclasses separately to enable your employees to build and maintain their website or application on their own.

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