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December 3, 2021

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In your own online shop, you can optimally present and sell your products. The fact that Shopify is a leader in this area is primarily due to the very good adaptability of the entire shop system. Thanks to various Shopify templates, adapting to individual needs can be even easier. We'll show you why Shopify templates are profitable, which we think are the best templates and what benefits there are for you. ‍

<h2 id="Shopify Templates Intro" data-headline="Was sind Shopify Templates?"><span class="first_id_number">1.</span> What are Shopify templates anyway?</h2>

Shopify templates are essentially simple templates that are already set up and can be used directly for your shop. Shopify templates usually also offer easy customization options so that you can adapt the design to your company's corporate design. With such a template, you can get started right away with less effort and no longer have to build the entire shop from scratch. However, it is not only the design that plays a role, but also the functionality of the Shopify templates.

For this reason, it is important to study the various Shopify templates in advance and to get to know their possibilities and limits. Although the design may seem important at first glance, factors such as adaptability, functionality, loading times and also integrated apps and support play an important role here.

The selection is correspondingly large and the decision is therefore often difficult. You can also use many of the templates to make it easier to integrate Shopify and Webflow , as templates from similar providers can also be used here. ‍

<div class="rtf-blog-element"><div class="icon_area"><p class="rtf-blog-heading cc-tip">Good to know:</p></div> <p>Shopify templates are pre-made designs that companies can use to make their online store quick and easy.</p></div> <img src="" loading="lazy" alt="">

<h2 id="Vorteile von Shopify Templates" data-headline="Vorteile von Shopify Templates"><span class="first_id_number">2.</span> You can expect these benefits from Shopify templates</h2>

‍ If you decide to use Shopify templates, you significantly shorten the shop design process. Because you no longer have to redesign and structure the shop from scratch. You can build on a functioning basis and change it according to your wishes and preferences.

With the page builders often included in Shopify templates, you can also make the changes easily and easily. This not only saves time and money, but also makes it easier for people who are not technically trained to work with Shopify. In addition, suitable Shopify templates can also facilitate communication with commissioned agencies. However, we will come back to this point in detail later.

<h2 id="Shopify Template auswaehlen" data-headline="Shopify Template auswählen"><span class="first_id_number">3.</span> Why you should be careful when choosing</h2>

The selection of Shopify templates is enormous. However, you should not only pay attention to the look of the templates, but also keep other elements in mind. Because not every template is equally well suited for commercial purposes. Similar to websites, users pay attention to very short loading times when shopping online, among other things.

After all, in the best case scenario, users spend a longer period of time on your site, compare products or make a bulk purchase. Long loading times can, among other things, contribute to users abandoning their purchase. The usability of Shopify templates should also be considered. The lower the usability of the system, the easier it is to deter customers.

Not every template is therefore well suited to represent complex product programs. It is therefore important that you also consider these points before you choose one of the Shopify templates.

Pay attention to the following elements, among others:

  • Short template loading times
  • A responsive design so that the template is optimally displayed on all devices
  • Good support from providers
  • That all important and relevant apps are included
  • The type of cost (one-time or subscription model)

<h2 id="Kostenfreie vs kostenpflichtige" data-headline="Kostenfreie vs. kostenpflichtige Templates"><span class="first_id_number">4.</span> Choose free or paid Shopify templates?</h2>

Both Shopify itself and some providers offer some free Shopify templates. However, we must say that these are usually not sufficiently designed to be used for a professional appearance as a company.

Because you have to invest so much time and effort in these free templates that the costs for the hours spent on them are usually higher than the costs for high-quality templates. Therefore, paid Shopify templates are usually always the better choice for businesses. But here too, there are considerable differences in terms of the scope of services.

It is therefore important to look at the various Shopify templates and find the solution that optimally suits your own company and your own ideas.

<h2 id="Empfehlung Shopify Templates" data-headline="Empfehlenswerte Shopify Templates"><span class="first_id_number">5.</span> Good Shopify templates for different requirements</h2>

We know that it's difficult to simply recommend specific Shopify templates. Because not every template is equally suitable for every company and every product. After all, products can differ significantly from each other. The need for explanation is different for a highly specific technical device than for baked goods. For some products, photos are more prominent, while for other products and industries, technical descriptions dominate.

For this reason, we have selected four different Shopify templates for you, which, in our opinion and in the opinion of many users, are particularly suitable for the various areas. In the next section, we would like to introduce you to the Gecko, Porto, Avone and Palo Alto Shopify templates in more detail and show you their advantages.

You may already find the right template for your company right away or get some initial inspiration as to what functions and options the right Shopify template should have.

<h2 id="Das Gecko Template" data-headline="Das Gecko Template"><span class="first_id_number">6.</span> Gecko - A Shopify template for every need</h2>

Gecko is probably the oldest Shopify template that we present in this context. The template has been on the market for 9 years and is constantly being improved by the developer. Accordingly, you can rely on Gecko's performance. As a result, the template is also suitable for large shops and companies with a variety of saleable products, among others.

Thanks to numerous integrated apps and a minimalistic design, almost every shop is easy to implement with Gecko. A large selection of templates and, above all, a very good loading speed characterize the Shopify template. Due to the structure, digital products can also be offered directly via Gecko.

In terms of price, Gecko impresses with a fair price of 99 dollars. This price includes six months of support. For a fee of 74 dollars, support can also be extended to 12 months upon request.

<h2 id="Das Porto Template" data-headline="Das Porto Template"><span class="first_id_number">7.</span> Postage — a real all-rounder for many industries</h2>

Porto is also a real all-rounder and focuses primarily on the very high level of usability. This stands out in particular in direct comparison, especially since many relevant apps are already integrated in Porto. With more than 20 templates, the entire template can also be adapted to the various industries and offers. Despite the many design options, Porto also impresses with its good charging performance and is therefore also a good choice for demanding shops.

There is also little to complain about when it comes to the price. The cost for the Shopify template is 99 dollars. This price includes six months of support. If you need 12 months of support, this upgrade costs another 74 dollars. However, the logical structure and, above all, the simple use of postage only make extended support very rarely useful.

<h2 id="Das Avone Template" data-headline="Das Avone Template"><span class="first_id_number">8.</span> Avone - Master of Flexibility</h2>

The Shopify template Avone is a real all-rounder. Because the template alone offers more than 1,000 options to actively influence the look of the template. This enormously large selection is supplemented by numerous functions and apps, which are professionally integrated.

It should be particularly emphasized that the template also has an extremely good loading speed and is therefore extremely convincing in its pure functionality. Thanks to the many design templates, the Avone template is suitable for an enormous number of industries and can therefore be flexibly adapted and used. It must also be said that with a cost of 79 dollars, Avone is particularly cheap.

This price includes six months of support. If you want support for a total of 12 months, this extension costs 56 dollars. Avone is therefore significantly cheaper than many competitors and yet impresses with high performance and excellent quality. For many companies, Avone is therefore the Shopify template of choice. ‍

<h2 id="Das Palo Alto Template" data-headline="Das Palo Alto Template"><span class="first_id_number">9.</span> Palo Alto — ideal solution for small product ranges and lots of storytelling</h2>

‍ Not every company has a wide range of products. However, these special products are often sold with a lot of storytelling, so a Shopify template must offer enough space here. The Palo Alto template is a very good choice here. Because it is set up for particularly large pictures and, above all, offers very easy access.

From sharing customer opinions and reviews to quick purchase transactions, the template is convincing across the board. The well-structured and logical search function and, above all, the simple navigation even across several levels ensure a high level of usability. With a price of 180 dollars, Palo Alto is one of the more expensive Shopify templates, but it is still worth the price. Especially since support is fully included and there are no limits on the duration of support.

However, due to the higher costs for the individual products, the template is only suitable to a limited extent if an increase in the product range is planned. In such cases, other Shopify templates are definitely more suitable. You should pay attention to this when choosing. ‍

<h2 id="Shopify Agenturen" data-headline="Shopify Agenturen und Templates"><span class="first_id_number">10.</span> Shopify templates as a helpful solution when working with an agency</h2>

Shopify templates are not only helpful if you create and design your online shop yourself. Such templates can also be helpful in collaboration with a professional agency. On the one hand, you can therefore specify the design of the shop and have fewer difficulties in expressing your wishes in concrete terms. In addition, the Shopify templates relieve the agency of a lot of work and thus ensure that their services are usually significantly cheaper for you.

After all, the agency does not have to program and design all elements by hand, but can fall back on the template. For this reason too, we recommend paid templates, as they are usually much more extensive and can therefore be adapted and used even more easily. In addition, you also benefit from using templates in terms of time. Because if the agency doesn't have to program and design everything from scratch, results can be achieved much faster. This means that you have a functioning online shop more quickly, with which you can start making money right away.

You can see how many reasons there are both to hire an agency and to purchase a suitable template. Because this allows you to set up your online shop faster and more efficiently and benefit from it. Even though we have already described this in another context, we always recommend an agency instead of a freelancer. We have the reasons for you in another items explained in more detail.

<h2 id="Fazit" data-headline="Fazit"><span class="first_id_number">11.</span> Conclusion: Shopify templates are clearly profitable</h2>

Overall, it can be summarized that there are a lot of Shopify templates on the market, which have an enormous number of functions and which can be perfectly adapted to the various requirements. In any case, it is important to be clear about your own requirements and requirements in advance and, if necessary, to buy such a template in consultation with the commissioned agency.

This ensures that the purchased Shopify template also meets your own requirements. In addition, the experts from the various agencies can also advise you in this area and help you find the right Shopify template for your online shop.

The experience of agencies can significantly contribute to reducing costs and producing a better and functional result. So instead of having all functions and designs reprogrammed and designed by hand, Shopify templates help to save costs and get faster results in most cases.

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