Bubble.io Review & Test in 2022

Bubble.io Review & Test in 2022

Bubble.io Review & Test in 2022
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March 18, 2022

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Bubble.io gives technical laypeople the opportunity to develop web applications without previous coding knowledge. In simple steps, it should be possible to turn abstract ideas into reality and optimize them, which should save the detour via a professional developer and make the design of applications accessible to the general public. The following Bubble.io test shows what potential the platform has and whether it is worthwhile to use.

<h2 id="Was ist bubble io" data-headline="Was ist bubble.io?"><span class="first_id_number">1.</span> The Bubble.io Test - What is Bubble.io?</h2>

The concept of Bubble.io is initially reminiscent of well-known greats such as WordPress (https://www.02100.com/ratgeber/umzug-von-wordpress-zu-webflow-worauf-muss-man-achten) or Wix. However, the promise to program an application without coding is only part of the platform's mission: The entire process - from creating the web app to hosting and solving problems - should be possible without appropriate previous knowledge.

To do this, Bubble.io removes any hurdles that can regularly only be overcome by professional developers. After the Bubble.io test, this permanently reduces costs - both for one-time development, ongoing operation and regular maintenance. Entrepreneurs can implement their project themselves and design their web app freely according to their wishes.

<h2 id="Bubble io im Test" data-headline="Bubble.io im Test"><span class="first_id_number">2.</span> The Bubble.io test - once Bubble.io, always Bubble.io</h2>

Once Bubble.io is chosen, entrepreneurs depend on using the platform. The app cannot be exported and runs on Bubble.io's servers alone. If another host is to be used for operation, the app must be created from scratch here. Neither the workflows nor the design are transferable. Only the data stored with the host can be exported and taken away after the Bubble.io test.

Even while the app is running, there must be an Internet connection via which Bubble.io can be reached. The application cannot be used on any operating system, but must be constantly synchronized via the platform's servers.

<h2 id="Kosten" data-headline="Bubble.io Kosten"><span class="first_id_number">3.</span> The Bubble.io test - the costs of the platform</h2>

The Bubble.io test shows that the platform is relatively inexpensive compared to other hosts. Various packages are offered, in which the prices rise with the range of features included.
Bubble.io offers a free version in which the basic functions of the platform can be learned and tested. Simple apps that do not require technical challenges can be developed starting at just $25/$29 a month, while more complex projects cost $115/$129 a month.
Although these prices can certainly be described as competitive, the Bubble.io test should consider the costs that users could face in the future: Since switching from Bubble.io to another host is complicated, users are exposed to potential price increases.

<h2 id="citizen development" data-headline="Citizen Development mit bubble.io"><span class="first_id_number">4.</span> The Bubble.io test - can the platform really be used by laymen?</h2>

Working with Bubble.io can actually be learned quickly and easily. With the development of a web app, there are various processes that take time, and this is not spared here either. Nevertheless, many of the buttons and input areas are self-explanatory, so that designing the design and the required workflows after the Bubble.io test can be mastered within a few months. After a short training phase, it is almost intuitive to use. The tips provided by Bubble.io on how to use the platform, which can also be learned in the form of courses and coaching, also help here.

The Bubble.io test shows that despite the host's efforts to provide a tool that is as user-friendly as possible, a certain amount of previous knowledge is an advantage. Users should also be able to quickly familiarise themselves with unknown technical processes and to deal with them. These properties significantly influence the training time required and therefore also have an effect on the date the app is completed. Bubble.io's optimistic assessment of how quickly this should be possible can therefore quickly seem discouraging in the event of start-up difficulties and should only be seen as a guide to a limited extent after the Bubble.io test.

It should take several weeks to learn the basics. Anyone who tries to save time here will fall back on their knowledge gaps later on in the development process. A solid basis is the starting point for more complex processes that build on the foundations. If you want to find your way around the platform with ease and use all features, this will require years of practice. This is not necessarily a disadvantage: Simpler projects can be mastered relatively quickly, which makes a corresponding lengthy training unnecessary and offers a major advantage over other hosts. At the same time, Bubble.io can also be used by experienced developers for complex and lengthy projects, making the platform the right choice for a range of knowledge levels. Former beginners don't have to reorient themselves and learn how to use another host from scratch, but can also meet their growing demands permanently with Bubble.io after the Bubble.io test.

<h2 id="vorkenntnisse" data-headline="Wichtige Vorkenntnisse mit bubble.io"><span class="first_id_number">5.</span> The Bubble.io test - which previous knowledge is an advantage?</h2>

Bubble.io uses the JavaScript programming language. Knowledge in this regard therefore helps to understand Bubble.io more easily and quickly and to learn the underlying processes. In addition, experience with databases or in web design can also be helpful for developing an app with the platform. Previous knowledge is required (https://www.02100.io/ratgeber/einfuhrung-in-die-low-code-entwicklung) but not right now - this is the flagship of the program, which the Bubble.io test also confirms.

In any case, it is important that beginners in particular do not be discouraged by initial difficulties and allow sufficient time to develop their project. Even more experienced developers cannot rely on the completion of their project within a few weeks. Despite the advertising promise, Bubble.io is a foreign and complex platform. How to use it is first learned and perfected during development.

<h2 id="Erste Schritte" data-headline="Erste Schritte mit bubble.io"><span class="first_id_number">6.</span> The Bubble.io test - what do the first steps look like?</h2>

At the beginning, new users should spend at least two weeks training after the Bubble.io test. This time should be reserved for getting to know the numerous functions. The temptation to start developing it yourself right away may be great - but a high-quality app takes time and only succeeds if its developer knows and can use all the options available to him. A hasty start can mean that improvements are necessary later on, which could have been avoided from the start. Subsequent changes can have an impact on the entire project, which is why restructuring can cost a lot of time and energy.

Instead, enough test runs should be carried out using test pages to ensure confidence when using Bubble.io and to work out the best method for the app itself. Professional developers can complete an app within four to six weeks thanks to constantly used templates and presets. Beginners do not have these work facilities and should therefore plan at least twice as much time after the Bubble.io test - but this period of time is also remarkably short for a layman.

<h2 id="Vorteil" data-headline="Wettebwerbsvorteil durch bubble.io"><span class="first_id_number">7.</span> The Bubble.io test - is Bubble.io really that much more efficient?</h2>

The Bubble.io test gives the answer: It depends. Factors such as the user's previous knowledge, the complexity of the planned app and the question of which other provider Bubble.io should be compared with are decisive. Compared to traditional app development, however, the platform undoubtedly performs excellently. In the Bubble.io test, Bubble.io is 80% faster and 70% cheaper due to the saved costs for professional developers.

These figures can be used for companies that have been using traditional methods of automating processes for years (https://www.02100.com/ratgeber/was-ist-ein-citizen-developer) and to organize their structures, change far-reaching parts of their processes. Employees without previous knowledge can now be used to work with Bubble.io — this not only reduces spending, but also increases the company's autonomous decision-making options. Since fewer hands are now working on the corresponding projects and the plans and ideas to be implemented are carried out by fewer employees, their precise implementation down to the smallest details is more likely. If a project is left to another company, it is inevitably integrated into its processes and structures, which can limit what is otherwise possible.

<h2 id="zukunft" data-headline="Zukunft von bubble.io"><span class="first_id_number">8.</span> The Bubble.io test - does the program have a future?</h2>

Bubble.io not only allows users to develop an app, but also its long-term operation. This is necessary because - as already described - the app cannot be transferred to another host and is therefore bound to Bubble.io forever. If the platform were to cease operations one day, this would mean the end for all developed apps. However, Bubble.io has already promised that in this case, the technology they use would be made available as open source software to prevent the consequences.

The Bubble.io test shows that an end to the platform is unlikely at this point in time. Many users use the host and their number is constantly increasing. The approach taken - to make the development of an app accessible to everyone, regardless of what previous knowledge he or she has - also seems to meet the current spirit of the times: The number of start-ups has increased significantly in recent years and more and more people are using the opportunities that the digital age offers them to implement their ideas. After the Bubble.io test, as many steps as possible are taken by the founders themselves and other companies are only brought in when this cannot be avoided.

The option to independently develop a web app should also lower the inhibition threshold for many to put their projects into practice. The numerous satisfied users and the positive reviews that Bubble.io receives speak for this.

The past shows that companies that want to change the existing market and fill a gap with an offer for which there is already great demand have potential. Bubble.io meets these criteria: For many entrepreneurs, the platform makes setting up after the Bubble.io test easier, cheaper or even possible in the first place. Web apps have had a firm place in the everyday lives of the general population for years and their relevance only seems to be increasing. Not only the success of Bubble.io, but also its potential for the future is reflected by the interest shown by Google, Amazon (https://www.02100.com/ratgeber/vorstellung-amazon-honeycode) and Microsoft have already shown at the company.

<h2 id="Fazit" data-headline="Fazit"><span class="first_id_number">9.</span> The Bubble.io Test - Conclusion</h2>

The Bubble.io test shows that the platform can offer significant advantages for web app developers. The features provided are extensive, the operation is intuitive and easy to learn. This allows even founders without programming knowledge to put their project into practice without having to invest in a professional developer.

Working with Bubble.io can be learned in just a few weeks and an app - depending on the scope - can be completed in a few months. This makes the program 80% faster and 70% cheaper than the traditional competition and should at least be tested by anyone who is thinking about developing an app.

For laypeople, the only risk is that the induction phase will be too short and that mistakes will therefore be made in the beginning, which can only be reversed with increased effort in retrospect. Therefore, the contributions provided, courses (https://www.02100.com/ratgeber/webflow-lernen-schulung-hilfe) and coaching and first get to know Bubble.io comprehensively before the actual development begins. After all, anyone who has no problem with the fact that the completed app cannot be detached from Bubble.io and remains permanently bound to it, should take advantage of the platform, which it can offer for a wide range of companies after the Bubble.io test.

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