Webflow lernen - Mit Schulungen die Webflow Hilfe optimieren

Webflow lernen - Mit Schulungen die Webflow Hilfe optimieren

Webflow lernen - Mit Schulungen die Webflow Hilfe optimieren
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August 9, 2021

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Learning Webflow is a real challenge. Many companies need Webflow help to take care of their own website effectively and in the long term. Through appropriate training, you can learn Webflow easily and also ask questions in case of acute problems. We show why this Webflow help is particularly important and how you can optimize your capabilities as a result.

<h2 id="Was ist Webflow" data-headline="Was ist Webflow"><span class="first_id_number">1.</span> What is Webflow anyway?</h2>

Webflow is a low-code tool for building websites. In contrast to the various website builders, Webflow can cover many different options. It is a professional developer tool that can be used to completely create complex websites. The low-code approach is becoming increasingly important as the number of available specialist developers is declining sharply in most companies. As a result, the demand for Webflow help is also increasing. Because learning Webflow isn't always easy.

<div class="rtf-blog-element"><div class="icon_area"><p class="rtf-blog-heading cc-tip">Good to know:</p></div> <p>Webflow is software as a service - i.e. an online tool that can be accessed at any time - with which you can build responsive websites directly in the browser</p>.</div> <img src="https://assets-global.website-files.com/620a7cdcd7f0ed9792867991/627c29a301fa389fd8f12485_info-icon.svg" loading="lazy" alt="">

<h2 id="Warum Webflow lernen" data-headline="Warum Webflow lernen"><span class="first_id_number">2.</span> Why is it important to learn Webflow?</h2>

Learning Webflow is particularly important for companies, as the number of professionals in this area is declining more and more. This is due to increasing demand, which most companies are unable to meet. IT professionals, particularly in web development, are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Small and medium-sized companies are particularly affected here. Webflow therefore offers an enormous number of options for these companies. However, even in such cases, employees must learn Webflow. Because as simple and efficient as the program is, not every user is able to perfect how to use it right away.

<h2 id="Wie man Webflow lernen sollte" data-headline="Wie man Webflow lernen sollte"><span class="first_id_number">3.</span> Flatten the steep learning curve in a targeted manner</h2>

The learning curve with Webflow is steep. As simple and intuitive as the program appears at first glance, the options are complex. For most users, this means that they want and need to learn Webflow first. Through targeted Webflow help training, we can significantly flatten this learning curve and make access to Webflow easier in the long term. This applies both to dealing with the software itself and to the various tools and elements in Webflow. How to create your own in your company Citizen Developerwho work for your company in this area. They can also set up their own Webflow help within their own company and thus shape how all other employees use Webflow. That's why you should choose exactly which employees should learn Webflow. Because they should not only apply the knowledge, but should also be able to transfer this knowledge to other employees as part of Webflow help.

Small teams of experienced employees provide Webflow help for the entire company

It does not always make sense to train all employees in the company. We also know that learning Webflow isn't equally easy for every employee. However, if Webflow is to be used by all of your own employees in everyday life, it is essential for them to learn Webflow. Do all employees have to complete Webflow training for this? Not necessarily. Because it can be enough if you provide a certain proportion of employees with the best possible training and let them learn all levels of Webflow. They then act as key users in your company and can therefore offer their own Webflow help. These employees are thus trained to become experts and can provide the required Webflow help in the company. Ideal for ensuring a secure and effective transfer of knowledge.

Effective seminar structure for better organization

It is important that the training courses are professionally structured and always adapted to the needs of the participants. Because effective Webflow help is always low-threshold and enriching for all participants. Anyone who wants to learn Webflow is confronted with various problems. Our speakers are experienced both in Webflow and in conducting training courses. In this way, we can actively support our participants in Webflow learning and, above all, answer all relevant questions quickly and easily. For this reason, feedback always plays a particularly important role in our Webflow Help training courses. Because our speakers also want to improve continuously and therefore pay particular attention to the feedback from the participants. Over time, we have managed to focus and improve our Webflow help more and more.

<h2 id="Wie man Webflow lernen sollte" data-headline="Webflow Schulung"><span class="first_id_number">4.</span> On-site training or online seminars?</h2>

We offer both analog and digital training. This means that we either provide classic on-site training or offer Webflow help in small digital groups. Both variants are equally popular with our customers, although in the current situation, online training is of course preferred. So if you want to learn Webflow with your employees, you don't have to worry about strangers in your company. With our online training courses, we can help you learn Webflow and offer you the same Webflow help that would also be possible with face-to-face events on site.

<h2 id="Webflow Seminare planen" data-headline="Webflow Seminare planen"><span class="first_id_number">5.</span> This is how optimal Webflow seminars are designed</h2>

Direct and effective feedback is particularly important so that all participants can learn Webflow effectively and use the various tools. For this reason, training courses with us are not anonymous mass events, but always limited in the number of participants. In this way, we can ensure that we can pay equal attention to and involve every participant. Our speakers take sufficient time for all participants and can quickly help with questions and support participants in every step of the way. This allows you to learn Webflow almost easily and have the right experts at your side if you have any questions or problems. This is important because help is also particularly important when learning Webflow to speed up the comprehension process. With Webflow, the learning curve is particularly steep at the beginning. So any Webflow help is a welcome help.

Benefits of a Webflow seminar at 02100 Digital

The Webflow Help training process in detail

It is important that you know what happens if you want to learn Webflow with our training. For this reason, we will show you a typical process that has become established in online training and which offers our participants the most optimized experience possible. The speakers also take care of each individual participant and explain the next sections and content directly on site. This allows participants to learn Webflow highly effectively and always have experienced Webflow help at their side.

Our seminars are always structured according to a fixed pattern. This makes it easier to learn Webflow, as working in Webflow also follows a specific pattern. We have described the typical process for you as an example:

  • We start with a greeting for the participants and a round of introductions.
  • We'll familiarise you with the various training tools and set the rules for voice and video chat.
  • We develop the training content together. When learning Webflow, we use both live demonstrations and other data material.
  • The participants then work on the prepared exercises. Our speakers offer competent Webflow help with all problems.
  • We will close with a question and answer session. Here we can once again directly provide Webflow help and provide answers to many questions.
  • The end is a feedback session, in which both participants and speakers talk about the training.
Webflow Help Training Process

All materials always at hand

If you want to learn Webflow, you should always be able to look at the documents again after a training session. For this reason, we offer our participants comprehensive and well-structured training materials, which enable all steps of the training to be followed in detail. The associated presentations from our speakers are of course also available to our training participants after the training. In this way, you can not only learn free Webflow, but also help other members of your company as a Webflow help.

<h2 id="Hardware für Webflow" data-headline="Die nötige Hardware für Webflow"><span class="first_id_number">6.</span> You need this technical equipment to learn Webflow</h2>

If you and your employees want to learn Webflow in a training course and thus always stay up to date, you do not need large and extensive equipment. This is because the Webflow help is designed in such a way that there are as few hurdles as possible for companies and employees.

To participate in the online training, you need a PC or laptop with Internet access. A common browser and of course you need access to Webflow to learn it. Otherwise, a headset or microphone is required to make communication easier. Because our Webflow help is based on voice and video chats as well as text chats. Having your own webcam can be helpful, but it is not absolutely necessary for our training. You don't need to install any other software to learn Webflow. We would be happy to assist you if you have any further questions about the details of the equipment. We have deliberately decided to keep the hardware requirements as low as possible so that Webflow help can be used as low as possible.

<h2 id="Webflow vor Ort Schulungen" data-headline="Webflow vor Ort Schulungen"><span class="first_id_number">7.</span> Analog training - Webflow learning in direct presence</h2>

Analog training is also very popular with many customers. On-site training offers the advantage of lower barriers to communication. The responsible speakers can be contacted directly and asking for Webflow help is much easier for many people. We also offer the opportunity to learn Webflow with professional guidance at our face-to-face events. Just like online seminars, on-site training usually takes up two seminar days with a full program.

<h2 id="Webflow Expert Parner" data-headline="Webflow Expert Parner"><span class="first_id_number">8.</span> With the right Webflow help, every company gets stronger</h2>

Take advantage of this opportunity and help your employees learn Webflow. Book online training in this area and benefit from professional Webflow help. In doing so, you and your employees benefit from the various advantages. Employees can carry out training courses comfortably at work or even experience them while working from home. Due to the small size of the group, employees are directly involved and addressed. Experience shows that this is particularly important when learning Webflow and ensures that Webflow Help is better understood. The hurdles with regard to software, hardware and the available Internet connection are low enough so that even companies with poorer technical equipment can easily use Webflow help in the form of targeted training. Decide now to support your own employees' Webflow learning and thus build up an internal network of experienced employees who will move your company forward. Alternatively, we are also happy to offer you analog training on our premises or in your company. Here, we are happy to discuss the necessary measures in advance and clarify all relevant details directly with you. Just contact us and set up your own Webflow help. Should your employees learn Webflow, we are your competent partner.

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